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Thursday, April 22, 2010

just a few of the things that make life better :D

~Rainbows after a spring rain
~Gazing at the awesomeness of the night sky
~Christian concerts!
~Thoughts of graduation…mmm
~The feeling of getting into a heated car in the middle of winter
~Sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash onto the sand
~Super-late night conversations
~Laughing so hard it hurts
~The little moments of warmth from the sunshine on a breezy day
~Sitting in a hammock swing with a good book on a sunny afternoon ;)
~The sound of waterfalls
~Inside jokes!
~MR PERSCH!! (refer to last)
~When someone plays with your hair :D
~Cotton candy skies
~Finding money in your pockets
~Packing your bags to go somewhere exciting
~Jesus music!
~Singing insanely loud and ridiculously in the car
~Cherished memories that you wouldn’t trade for anything
~Bare feet on grass :)
~That nervy “I’m gonna puke” feeling. The good version!! Hahha
~Laying on the trampoline (safe, away from bugs), looking at the stars
~British accents. Awe yeah.
~Screaming and laughing hysterically when bats decide to take a sip of the pool at night
~Dreams you don’t want to wake up from
~Making forts out of blankets and pillows :D
~The way Forrest says "Jenny"
~“As you wish”
~Chocolate cereal! Duh
~Pushing the little buttons on a soft drink lid
~Orange Tic-Tacs…
~Biting the heads off of animal-shaped food. Heh heh
~Popping bubble-wrap!
~That feeling of accomplishment you get when you’ve just carried something really heavy (despite the immense physical pain you’re now in)
~Boys with blue eyes ;)
~Blue eyes in general…
~Putting olives on your fingers and eating them one by one!
~Disney princes :D
~When someone gives you a nickname you actually like
~Waking up in a good mood
~The 24-pack of Sharpies :D
~Knowing you’ll see him again someday
~Blankets that just came out of the dryer!
~“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird…”
~Seeing someone you’ve missed
~Making shapes out of clouds
~Mark Hall’s voice. Don’t know what it sounds like? Look it up :D
~Love songs :)
~Big brothers; both biological and not ;)
~Watching the world come back to life after a long winter
~Handwritten letters
~Newborn puppies. Newborn babies. Newborn kittens. Newborn anything! But not bugs. No, never bugs.
~Guys that will sing to you!! ;)
~Blowing bubbles
~The smell of fresh cut grass
~Catching lightning bugs
~The moment you realize you’re OLDER than some of the American Idol contestants?!?!
~Talking animals. Heh heh
~Irish accents
~“Don’t let the balloon touch the ground!!”
~Seeing an old couple holding hands
~That feeling when you wake up, and the horrible, horrible sunburn you had doesn’t hurt anymore. Ah.
~The feel of a really smooth pen on paper
~Discovering new music
~Getting woken up in spring by birds singing :)
~Getting to know another person’s tones of voice, facial expressions, mannerisms…
~Burnt marshmallows!!
~Songs that tell a story
~Being home alone and belting out random songs as you walk throughout the house
~Chocolate-covered strawberries
~Singing for Jesus :D
~Cuddlecoon! ;)
~Spontaneously, yet casually, jumping into the pool at night when you’re already in your pj’s :D
~Purple pen ink
~Competitive Easter egg hunting. Heh heh
~The smell of books!
~Laughter through tears
~The way the sky is a million colors when the sun is setting
~The one-eyebrow lift :D
~Those moments in the middle of the night when EVERYTHING is hysterically funny
~Holding a newborn baby
~Those nights when the moon is so bright, you can literally see everything
~Happy endings ;)
(This list is mostly my own with a little help from some friends here and there. Enjoy!)


Megan said...

Love it!!!
Thanks for this, it made me smile!

Hey, did I tell you that I gave you an award at my blog!?!

Bright Eyes and Lullabies said...

ha, yes you did. not that i completely understand what that means...thank you though? :D

alyssa said...

I totally agree with 98% of these! "as you wish" classic but dear you forgot "my name is inigo montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die" anyways i love you and your thoughts

Christ-Blade said...

So, SO, you. This seriously has your name written all over it my dear girl, haha. As much as it pains me to admit it, it did make me smile. ;)

Abby Elverson said...

I love you Lauren. You made me want to cry and laugh and just smile. It's funny how some of those things make you think of your own memories and moments in life. Thanks for that!

Bright Eyes and Lullabies said...

ha! i made you want to cry??? hmm...ha. of course. :)